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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th September 2016 Written Update, Full Episode: Aaliya tells Mani to apologise to Raman and Ishita while he starts hating Shagun!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th September 2016 Written Update, Full Episode: Mani apologises to Raman but he throws Mani out of the house.

Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) slaps Nidhi double and yells at her for ruining her children’s lives. She asks her how she could did this being truly a female. She tells her that she should be severely punished by the machine for looking to ruin both her daughters’ lives and this she won’t let Nidhi get out jail this time around. Raman (Karan Patel) also taunts her and explains to her how terribly she’ll be punished. Ishita and Raman are relieved as the authorities officials take Nidhi away. They break the news to the grouped family and every person is happy. Aaliya and Adi speak about Mani’s rely upon him. Romi gets kulfi for everybody and Ishita perceives a uneasy Raman aloof.

Raman is crying by the windowpane and she actually is informed by him that Pihu enjoys kulfi. He tells her that the family is incompletely without Mani and he’ll never forgive Mani for supporting Shagun in the court. Mani wants the paper and Aaliya offers it to him excitedly. He’s shocked to learn the news headlines about Adi’s innocence. He’s asked by her why he never presumed her and Ishita. He’s standing there stunned, not uttering a expressed expression. Aaliya explains why he must have trusted Ishita over Shagun. Mani will abide by her. Ishita is relieved to learn the magazine whenever a call is received by her from Mani. He apologises to her and she questions his actions and their friendship. She says him that she can’t forgive him easily and she acquired segregated from Pihu because of him. She hangs up before he says anything. (ALSO READ: Adi and Aaliya to get wedded in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)

Aaliya motivates Mani to gain Ishita over and apologise to Raman and Ishita in my opinion. He agrees to it leaving Aaliya relieved. Simi attempts to wake Ananya up but she won’t awaken. Simi will try to tickle her and realizes that Ananya has fever. She asks the young youngster to use slumber and this she’ll get turmeric dairy on her behalf. Ananya is happy as she leaves. Simi overhears her speaking with herself about tricking Simi into enabling her stay at home and smiles.

Raman continues to be crying in his room taking a look at Pihu’s pictures as Ishita involves call him for breakfast time. Ishita notices that Shagun is absent from the pictures as Raman instructs her that she must be resting some place where she can’t mess up her toenails. He blames Mani when planning on taking Pihu away and Ishita is merely about to simply tell him about the telephone call when Nilu explains to them that Mani is here now to meet them. Raman doesn’t pay attention to his apologies and blames him when planning on taking her child away. Mani attempts to justify his Raman and situation supports his scruff of the neck.

Raman slaps him and throws him from the homely house. Ishita scolds him but Raman explains to her that he shall never forgive him.

Ananya pretends to lay on the foundation sick and tired as Simi gets turmeric dairy on her behalf. She asks Simi to share with Nilu that she would like to obtain besan halwa. Simi takes on along and instructs her that the physician will be home in some time to provide her an injections. Ananya panics and blurts that she was bluffing just. Simi forces her to visit school and Ananya tells her that she’ll take permission from her father to have a leave from her dad. She asks Simi to speak to Param. Simi talks to him and agrees.

Ishita comes home from Pihu Character path trip and Mani asks her to signal custody documents that say Pihu can get back to Ishita and Raman. Shagun is surprised as Mani instructs her that he shouldn’t have recognized her. He says her about all the demands and misunderstandings her to hint the paperwork. Shagun won’t sign any papers. She instructs him that Ishita has Ruhi and Adi but all she’s is Pihu and leaves. Mani regrets supporting Shagun.