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Udaan full episode 28th September 2016 written update: Vivaan and Imli confess their love for each other!

Udaan: Vivaan and Imli express their feelings for each other while Suraj and Chakor discuss their life

Imli’s (Vidhi Pandya) parents her see her off at the place. Vivaan (Paras Arora) grows to the place and begins looking for Imli. He realises that the teach has remaining. He gets annoyed that Imli has still left. Ranjana says Ragini that her dad is very tensed at one of her personnel has been imprisoned. Ragini asks her staff who have been imprisoned. A person says Vilas. She asks who was simply with Vilas at that right time. A person says he was with him. Ragini pushes him off of the cliff. Ragini asks one of her staff to bring the authorities officer here. Ranjana asks if she will be in a position to deal with the authorities. Ragini assures her that she’ll have the ability to manage everything.

Vivaan gets disappointed. He seems guilty for confessing his wish to her. Imli’s daddy recognizes him crying. He details towards Imli. Imli views Vivaan and cries. Vivaan gets happy. They both come near one another. Imli asks Vivaan if he’s fine. Vivaan asks what halted her. She instructs him that her daddy received a call from Chakor (Meera Deosthale). She asks why isn’t he with Chakor. He instructs her that he fulfilled Chakor but he realised that he was incorrect then. She actually is advised by him that he is in love with her. Imli gets shocked. Her mom and dad gets happy hearing that.

He supports her hands and announces that he adores her. He says he has fallen on her behalf wife. Bystanders clap and reward him. Imli cries and asks him to replicate. He repeats and says she actually is his life. Imli says he’s liked by him too. He says he didn’t hear her properly. She says loudly that she is in love with him. Vivaan asks her to loudly say it. They both say I REALLY LIKE You to one another. They hug the other person and promise to remain with the other person for lifetime. Bystanders clap.

She actually is placed by him hands and can take blessings from her parents. Her parents allow him to take her away. Chakor uses up all the credit cards and paintings she received from Vivaan. SurajVijayendra Kumeria) comes and explains to her that he in addition has burnt Imli’s thoughts. Vivaan calling Chakor and instructs her that he’s returning to haveli with Imli. Suraj says he has lost for the very first time in life. Ranjana over hears their dialogue and asks Chakor what’s happening. Ranjana gets shocked and decides to inform Ragini. Chakor instructs Suraj that she would like to provide them a grand welcome. Suraj says he doesn’t need to get involved with anything. Chakor attempts to avoid him. He says he was happy when he was bad so he’ll prefer to stay because of this.