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Udaan full episode 26th September 2016 written update: Vivaan admits he loves Imli in front of Chakor!

Udaan: Vivaan thanks Chakor for freeing him

Vivaan (Paras Arora) decorates the home and waits for Chakor (Meera Deosthale). Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) will keep a weapon on Chakor’s mind and asks her to visit and notify Vivaan that Imli (Vidhi Pandya) adores him. Chakor says she isn’t terrified of him and this she’ll do what she feels as though. Suraj asks her to check on if Vivaan enjoys her or Imli first. Suraj tells her that if he’s proved right then she’ll have to leave Vivaan for Imli. Vivaan thinks of pretending that he’s happy.

Chakor comes and considers of learning whether she actually is cherished by him. Vivaan shows her the complete room and tells her that he has been looking forward to him since long. Chakor gets baffled whether he’s carrying it out for real or not. Vivaan instructs himself that he’s doing all of this for Imli’s occurrence. She believes of what Suraj said. Vivaan gets down on his legs and makes her wear a band. Chakor gets reminded of Imli and Suraj’s words.

Imli asks the drivers to stop the automobile and says her mom that she can’t go everywhere. She says she adores Vivaan and she can’t leave him. Chakor pulls back her side. She hesitantly says him that she doesn’t love him nowadays. Vivaan comes and explains to her that exactly what does she mean, she’s treasured him since child years. Chakor tells her that things will have modified. She tells him that she wouldn’t have the ability to live with him.

Imli’s parents make an effort to make clear her that she can’t returning now. She agrees and assures to herself to never come between them. Right up until last night vivaan asks her she was happy, today then what happened. He’s informed by her she was pretending. Vivaan thanks her and hugs her. She actually is advised by him that she ceased him from doing the incorrect thing. He tells her that she actually is right, they have shifted in life. He explains to her that he adores Imli. He apologises to her. Chakor says you don’t have of apologising. She instructs him that she actually is happy that he shall get his real love. Vivaan thanks her and leaves. He ceases and says Imli doesn’t love her.

Chakor says him that Imli is in love with him hugely. She tells him that she actually is leaving the village and then see him happy. September 2016 written update also Read : Udaan full episode 23rd