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Udaan 27th September 2016 full episode written update: A devastated Chakor cries her heart out after losing Vivaan!

Udaan 27th September 2016 full episode written update: A devastated Chakor cries her heart out after losing Vivaan! He confesses that he has fallen in love with Imli, which shatters Chakor!

In Udaan, Imli would go to the stop. Chakor (Meera Deosthale) explains to Vivaan (Paras Arora) that Imli (Vidhi Pandya) adores him and he’s very happy. He says the reality was before my sight and I possibly could not view it. He hugs Chakor and says I am so thrilled that Imli also loves me. Chakor explains to him going and stop Imli. Vivaan says I will never get an improved and more honest friend than you. Chakor says you will not find an improved woman to love you than Imli. Vivaan says many thanks. He asks exactly what will eventually you. She explains to him to move preventing Imli from giving the community.

Chakor comes down on her behalf weeps and legs. Then, she gets up and runs out and then see Vivaan driving away to meet Imli. She cries that Vivaan remaining where he was designed to go. He gets to the place where Imli’s mom asks her if she actually is sure about her decision. Imli says yes he enjoys Chakor which is ideal easily let them be along. Imli walks towards coach. Her parents also type in inside the coach. Vivaan checks his watch and says only quarter-hour left for train to depart. I must stop Imli.

Chakor is by themselves on the highway. She appears around and remembers her a friendly relationship with Vivaan. She considers their favourite place- the Machaan. Saaware takes on in the backdrop. She screams Vivaan I lied for you that I really do not love you. The simple truth is i only love you. How am i going to live without you? How do i ignore you and continue my entire life? Chakor sinks on her behalf knees.

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A flashback is shown where Vivaan and she are mutually. She says this is actually the accepted place where we dreamt of the secure future mutually. That’s where we met. Chakor gets psychological about the Machaan. You are said by her travelled from me, Vivaan. She is devastated completely. Chakor sees the decorations and recollects that Vivaan decked up the area for her. The items are busted by her. She curses her luck saying she has no person to love. Chakor says I was created and then get love rather than to get it. The Machaan is broken by her. Chakor says the Machaan was symbolic in our love. If that is finished, it generally does not are entitled to to be here.

Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) prevents her saying she’ll damage herself. Chakor says everything has ended in my own life, this Machaan will not deserve to remain. It really is raining and Suraj talks about her stunned heavily. She actually is crying and devastated at the stop expressing that everything has ended for her. Suraj tells her to get right up from the location. Chakor says him to leave her. She says you emerged here to make fun of me. He says I lost my love such as this a couple of days back again even. I am not making fun of you. My sympathises are together with you.

Chakor says she will not want his sympathy. She grabs his leather coat and says you were right, I lost. Vivaan only is in love with Imli rather than me. She says I became so blind in love that I did so not note that Vivaan also adores Imli. She says I still left Vivaan for Imli and I am hoping you are happy ability to hear this. Chakor faints in his arms.

Suraj says Chakor and attempts to wake her up. He picks her in his biceps and triceps up. The authorities officer tells a legal professional that you really know what Kamal Narayan (Sai Ballal) did. He says how is it feasible which i damaged the data while i am behind the pubs. The officer tells Kamal Narayan that he’ll receive the case rolling once more saying he destroyed the data along with his tricks.

Imli’s parents make her take a seat on the teach. She asks when will the teach depart. The collector says in 12 minutes. Suraj miracles if Vivaan has already reached with time. Chakor says the teach must be delayed, we can not let this happen. She says teach can await 12-15 minutes. Suraj says I have no idea if he has already reached the stop or not. Chakor says we will see out. A call is manufactured by her. The individual says something and she actually is like what.

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