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What does Tiger Shroff have to say about Katrina Kaif’s sexy abs? Watch video!

Apart from fans, even Tiger Shroff is going gaga over Katrina Kaif’s sexy abs..

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At this time Katrina Kaif’s alluring abs have grown to be the chat of the city. The diva has stunned everyone with her ultra toned bod. From fans apart, even B townies ‘re going gaga over her alluring transformation and one of these is Tiger Shroff. Tiger himself is an exercise icon and his stomach muscles make females drool over him. However the actor feels he’s no were near Katrina as it pertains to fitness. While speaking with BollywoodLife the professional was quizzed about his washboard abs being sexier than Katrina, the acting professional said, ” No never, I am no were near her”. Well our company is sure Kat will be extremely pleased with this go with.

Kat’s sexy abdominal grabbed attention for the very first time was when she grooved at the IPL starting service. She performed just like a diva with Dwayne Bravo where he too couldn’t take his eye off her HOT abdominal muscles. In case that visible treat wasn’t enough she returned with a bang with Kala Chashma songs, where she was flaunting her hot midriff and not just boys even young ladies were heading crazy over her. But if you thought getting those HOT stomach muscles was a wedding cake walk for Ms Kaif. Hold on then! The diva works her ass off in the fitness center and has a brilliant strict diet.

Earlier Bollywoodlife experienced educated you that how Kat was on the buttermilk diet all day every day to acquire that well developed midriff for the Kala Chashma track. Not just that, she was over a complete diet of vegetables broccoli weekly before firing for the songs especially. Now that is the dedication you must have if you want to have an attractive bod like Katrina Kaif.