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Shakti – Astitva Ek Ehsaas Ki full episode 25th September 2016 written update: Soumya starts taking care of the newborn baby!

Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki: Harman BANS pulav in the house because it reminds him of Soumya!

Surbhi starts off sticking posters of Soumya on the avenues of Bhatinda as she actually is persuaded that the kinners who’ve kidnapped Soumya are in Bhatinda. On her behalf way, she provides one of the posters to two folks even. They advice her to approach the authorities as they’ll be in a position to help her more than the civilians. So she would go to the Bhatinda police to lodge a missing case. On the other hand, Preeto, on the other side, sees Harman’s smudged room as he’s trying to form it. She gets into to help him out. However, Harman can stop her and says her never to help him as he would like to type his life by himself might. He says, “EASILY learn to type my room, maybe I’ll figure out how to sort out sort myself as well.” He recognizes the appearance on Preeto’s place and instructs her never to defeat herself up. Alternatively, Surbhi tells the authorities that the kinner group have kidnapped her sister, Soumya. The authorities asks her why. To which she replies, because she herself is a kinner. As of this, the authorities bursts into laughter. That total results Surbhi getting furious. She yells at the cop and tells him to do his job rather than be concerned about the orientation of her sister. The authorities shuts up and requests her home address as the issue is compiled by him. However, when Surbhi leaves, he quickly asks his junior to find out on the family’s background as he doesn’t trust the lady. (ALSO READ: Shakti- Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki full event 23rd Sept 2016 written revise: Harman does not ignore Soumya!)

Soumya would like to help the tiny girl who may have been kept stranded because she actually is a kinner. Guruma programs for a good occasion to commemorate the new entrant. However, Soumya is against the complete ceremony. Meanwhile the authorities calling up Maninder to verify Surbhi’s reports. Scared of facing more embarrassments, he is to the authorities and says that she was participating in a prank with them. Equally the kid’s ceremony is certainly going on, Guruma names her Deepa. All of a sudden an upset Soumya creates a arena at the function and says Guruma that she’s surely got to stop doing what she actually is doing. She requires a great deal of digs at her such as sharing with her never to think of herself as everyone’s mom because she isn’t. Guruma announces that the wedding ceremony to be placed at a halt. She asks two of the females to look find the parents of a child and if indeed they accept her in the past it will likely be Soumya’s victory. Normally Soumya must end the service. She agrees. Post this, Soumya requires demand of caring for the young child.

An furious Maninder moves home and yells at Surbhi’s mom for the serves of her little girl. At Bhatinda, two men have a dialogue of if the other person can get Surbhi at a said location. A gamble is made by them of Rs. 2000. The person on the bicycle would go to Surbhi and says her that he understands where her sister is. She becomes ecstatic and asks him where does he position her. To which, he tells her to visit his bike and he’ll take her there. She hesitates in the beginning but soon gives in and goes on his bike. She actually is considered by him to a remote place where in fact the other man is looking forward to them. Then announces that he won the guess and this it was very easy to get Surbhi to the said spot. She actually is lost by her cool and slaps him. The person is angry and threatens her that he’ll reunite. In the mean time at Harman’s dwelling, he terribly desires to neglect Soumya. Preeto cooks pulav for every person and everyone is happy on the table. However, after tasting the pulav, Harman reminisces the right time when Soumya cooked properly pulav. He gets annoyed and says that [pulav shouldn’t be manufactured in the homely house ever before.

A troop of believers recovery Surbhi and drop her to her hometown. But as she actually is making her way home, two of Maninder’s friends identify her and notify her they’ll drop her home. She attempts to reduce them however in vain. They drop her home and taunt Maninder for allowing his little girl out for so overdue. A pissed off Maninder yells at Surbhi after his friends leave. Surbhi says him that she’ll continue looking on her behalf sister despite his regrets. He tells his mother that he wishes they would’ve killed Soumya right when she was created. To which Surbhi calling him a disgusting man. He instructs her she actually is under house arrest. She storms off.

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