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OMG! Ranveer Singh to STRIPTEASE in Befikre and you will see a glimpse of it in the trailer too!

Befikre’s trailer will be out this evening, in any case we hear that the creators have an amaze in store for us. What? All things considered, reports recommend that Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor will be seen stripteasing each other in the film…

Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor have advanced toward Paris (France) to discharge the trailer of their greatly anticipated film – Befikre. Keeping in mind we as a whole are eager to see the trailer, we have some HOT news for you all that will overwhelm you! We hear that Ranveer Singh has a stripteasing scene in Befikre and the best part is that you will see it in the trailer as well! Yes, an insider told HT Cafe today, “Ranveer is going to astonish us. The scene is the primary part of the film, as well as be appeared in the trailer. The gathering of people will see him doing a striking strut in blazing red underpants.”

The scene will come as a HUGE amaze for all Ranveer fans however we are certain you folks will love it. Nonetheless, the producers, particularly executive Aditya Chopra needs to know the crowd’s response to the scene. The insider added to the day by day, “Significantly Ranveer needs to know how individuals, his family and his companions will respond to it, since this is the first occasion when that he has done a striptease.” indeed, Ranveer was extremely eager to shoot the strong demonstration and “he even constructed a tore physical make-up to do the whole succession beautifully,” notice the insider. In any case, that is not it, we hear that Ranveer as well as rather even Vaani will strip prod for us in Befikre. In any case, we aren’t certain if that divide has been held in the trailer or has it been kept as an astound for some other time… ALSO READ – EXCLUSIVE! Ranveer Singh’s off the cuff demonstrations in Befikre awed Aditya Chopra

Prior, BollywoodLife had uncovered to you how Ranveer Singh is going to exposed his butt for a scene and now a striptease. Befikre is getting intriguing step by step. Our source had uncovered to us solely that Ranveer would go butt bare for the film. What’s more a look of his base as well as there will be a full back bareness scene in the film! With Befikre, Aditya Chopra comes back to course after a long rest and appears as though he has gone hard and fast. Adi has made Yash Raj Films’ boldest film till date that commends the Parisian method for adoration and we can hardly wait to see it. Try not to be shocked by the adoration making and kissing scenes in the film, our source had let us know only that we may very well observe more than 23 kissing scenes in the film. Stunning, would it say it isn’t? Likewise READ – Oh La! Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor to have 23 KISSES in Befikre!

Befikre, featuring Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor, discharges on December 9, which is likewise Adira’s (Aditya and Rani Mukerji’s daughter’s) birthday. A twofold festival is in store for us this December 9. In the interim, the trailer will be out today! What do you folks need to say in regards to this news about Ranveer and Vaani’s striptease demonstration in Befikre? Inform us concerning your considerations in the remarks area underneath! Stay tuned to BollywoodLife as we get all the EXCLUSIVE prattle about Befikre and its trailer dispatch live from Paris right here… Also look at the tale about how Ranveer is going to exposed everything in Befikre in the video right here: