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Kung Fu Yoga movie review

Kung Fu Yoga movie review

Jackie Chan, Disha Patani and Sonu Sood are a complete entertainment package in Kung Fu Yoga.

Kung Fu Yoga is one of those films that you will truly appreciate observing however exactly when you get all prepared for an energizing end, you’re in for some Bollywood level dissatisfaction. The motion picture keeps you snared to the screens till the very end. It has a tad bit of all that you need in an engaging film like history, dramatization, activity, experience and giggling. Gratefully, there are no-nonsense Bollywood-y sentimental scenes or kisses in the film. The principal half of the film is an entire diversion bundle which happens in China and Dubai. There is an insane auto pursuing succession that will help you to remember a Rohit Shetty movies. Since autos getting crushed for reasons unknown, clearly. What’s more, given me a chance to let you know, there is more Kung Fu than Yoga in the film.

All the three stars have given their best exhibitions in the film. I wouldn’t state see any problems with blowing however it was certainly not wince commendable or OTT. The second half will some place help you a little to remember the 90s show, Legends Of The Hidden Temple. Presently since the primary portion of the film happens in China and Dubai, everybody is wearing typical cutting edge garments. The second 50% of the motion picture is in India and all of a sudden Disha and her collaborator in the film seem as though they will demonstrate for a wedding adornments mark. Express gratitude toward God they are pretty however! (Likewise READ: Kung Fu Yoga Quick Movie Review: The Jackie Chan, Disha Patani starrer is quick paced and engaging)

What’s Hot

The film guarantees and man, there’s activity! Viewing Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu motion pictures is justified regardless of all the cash you spend on the film. The film is additionally outwardly great and there is silliness at the correct spots. The second 50% of the film will truly make you nostalgic in the event that you were a 90s child who cherished understanding violations or riddles. On the other hand on the off chance that you adored watching those amusement appears on TV where members would need to open riddles to locate the shrouded treasure. Gratefully, there are no superfluous melodies or sentimental scenes in the film and it concentrates on the plot totally. It’s a total stimulation bundle. It’s a cheerful film that you can watch with your children. Disha plays a fairly solid lady and not a lady in trouble which adds to the appeal in the film. You will likewise observe her battling the awful folks.

What’s Not

Spoilers ahead! Exactly when you think the motion picture is not a failure and will have an incredible end to it, you are woken up from that fantasy. The film closes with individuals moving in a sanctuary (decent folks and terrible folks) and the melody doesn’t appear to end as it were. Jackie tries some Bollywood moves which will make you snicker however it’s not the end that I had sought after. The awful person (Sonu Sood) turns into the great person and everybody celebrates. Likewise, Disha plays a solid lady who has a capacity to protect herself and battle men yet is continually observed calling Jackie for offer assistance. It is a bit of diverting from Jackie’s astonishing Kung Fu moves and to a degree, irritating.

The second 50% of the film that is shot in India sees Disha wearing a lehenga and lovely adornments. I swear when you see her stroll in that outfit, you will hear a wedding gems promotion play in your mind. Had the closure not been so dull, this film would have been so much better.


It’s not a film that you should observe but rather on the off chance that you do, you’ll certainly appreciate it. It’s an absolute necessity observe just in case you’re a Jackie Chan fan.