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Kumkum Bhagya full episode 30th October 2016 written update: Abhi asks Pragya to arrange for a romantic date with Tanu!

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi goes to apologise Tanu but Aaliya tells him that Tanu wants him to propose her

Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) insists Aaliya to meet Tanu and apologise to her professionally. She agrees and makes a decision to speak to Tanu’s mom. Pragya (Sriti Jha) gets bothered considering Abhi. Aaliya perceives Pragya and determines to send her away. She asks her to visit the storeroom and organize old deal and papers documents chronologically. Abhi boils down and asks Pragya to do as Aaliya said.

Raj’s wife says him about Abhi and Tanu. Raj instructs her that he has spoken to him and he seems it’s an integral part of Aaliya and Tanu’s plan. She yes says. He is asked by her to drink tea. He says it’s bad and leaves. Aaliya brings Abhi to Tanu’s world. Aaliya says she shall go first and call him. Tanu’s mother comes and scolds him for ruining his life. He apologises. She says his sorry won’t work. She scolds him and leaves.

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Pragya would go to the store room and perceives all the documents. Aaliya boils down. Abhi asks if she can meet Tanu. Tanu recognizes all this. Aaliya explains to Abhi that she’s been advised by her parents that he’s prepared to marry him. He gets shocked and says he wants to speak to her once. Aaliya prevents him and says this is actually the only choice. Abhi asks that which was her effect. She explains to Tanu is ready for matrimony but only using one condition. She explains to Abhi that Tanu would like him to propose her. Abhi says he’ll now go and propose her. She stops her and asks him to plan a grand romantic proposal. Tanu blushes tuning in all of this. Abhi says all of this will need time. Aaliya asks her to move and do all the arrangements. She actually is asked by her no to go over this subject with other people. He agrees. Aaliya says she’ll stay back again and asks him going.

Tanu comes and hugs her and thanks a lot her for everything. She actually is asked by her to keep Pragya from all this. Aaliya asks Tanu to be cautious and pretend to look sad. Abhi comes home home and asks Pragya how passionate is she. She says she does not have a boyfriend. She actually is asked by him to enhance the terrace. Pragya asks who’s he doing all of this for. He says he desires to see whether she will be in a position to control her concerts.She says she’s never done something similar to this before. He says there’s always an initial time. He tells her she’s three hours.

Pragya starts off doing all the preperations. Pragya miracles what might have been the explanation for requesting her to enhance the terrace all of the sudden. She recalls how he proposed her earlier. She believes of all romantic occasions he distributed to her. Also Read: Kumkum Bhagya full occurrence 29th Oct 2016 written update