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Kahaani 2 trailer

Vidya Balan starrer Kahaani 2 trailer is out. Vidya plays Rani Durga Singh in the film.

Rani Durga Singh was Sujoy Ghosh’s dream film, and went through numerous cast changes. From Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to Kareena Kapoor Khan, many Bollywood actresses were approached for the role. Finally, Vidya and Sujoy set aside their differences and decided to team up again post the success of Kahaani. The result was merging of titles Rani Durga Singh with Kahaani 2. The trailer of Kahanai 2 is out and is as intriguing as confusing. You take a moment to realise that this is an entirely different film. Vidya Balan makes a marvellous return, and makes impact with the opening shot. Kharaj Mukherjee returns as Inspector Chatterjee in this installment as well. Arjun Rampal replaces Satyoki “Rana” Sinha, played by Parambrata Chatterjee in Kahaani.

What’s hot

Vidya Balan can never fails us with her acting chops. Just 2 minutes 34 seconds long trailer and she has us impressed yet again. We see the pain of losing someone cloud her face and right there you are hooked to the trailer. The trailer successfully builds up the mysterious tone it aims at. Arjun Rampal also manages to pull off his part well. Seeing Inspector Chatterjee again was quite cool. Direction looks crisp. Bollywood has the tendency to cast the most irritating kid of the lot in a key role in films, thankfully Kahaani 2 doesn’t follow that path. And do not forget to spot Jugal Hansraj there in the trailer.

What’s Not

Despite being promoted as a sequel the movie retains next to nothing from the first film. This could have been easily a standalone film Durga Rani Singh, but we guess the title Kahaani 2 was used to milk the success of the first film. Bollywood has seriously got to stop calling movies sequels when they share no thread with the universe of the original film, except for the actors. Kolkata was shot so beautifully in the first film that the became a character in the story, which is noticeably missing from the trailer of Kahaani 2. The film could have been set in any other city and might have made no difference to the plot.

The movie reminds you badly of Te3n and Wazir, both of which released earlier this year. We hope Kahaani 2 is unlike either of the two films. Kahaani 2: Rani Durga Singh is slated to release on December 1. For now all we can say is that Vidya Balan is BACK