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ICC Cricket Schedule 2016-2017

Cricket Schedule 2017: Current & Upcoming Cricket Series

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2016-17 ICC Confirmed Series & Tournaments Dates



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22 September 2016 New Zealand Tour India (3 Test, 5 ODI) India
23 September 2016 Pakistan vs West Indies (3T20, 3ODI, 3Test)) UAE
25 September 2016 Ireland & Australia Visit South Africa (2 ODI) South Africa
30 September 2016 South Africa vs Australia (5 ODI) South Africa
25 September 2016 Afghanistan Tour of Bangladesh (3 ODI) Bangladesh
30 September 2016 Australia Tour of South Africa (5 ODI) South Africa
07 October 2016 England Tour of Bangladesh (2 Test, 3 ODI) Bangladesh
Oct-Dec 2016 England Tour of India (5 Test Matches) India
03 November 2016 South Africa tour of Australia (3 Test) Australia
17 November 2016 Pakistan Tour of New Zealand (2 Test) New Zealand
04 December 2016 New Zealand vs Australia (3 ODI) Australia
15 December 2016 Pakistan Tour of Australia (3 Test, 6 ODI) Australia
26 December 2016 Bangladesh Tour of New Zealand (2 Test, 3 ODI, 2 T20) New Zealand
30 January 2017 Australia tour of New Zealand (3 ODI) New Zealand
08 February 2017 Bangladesh Tour of India (Only 1 Test) India
17 February 2017 Sri Lanka Tour of Australia (3T20) Australia
03 March 2017 England tour of West Indies (3ODI) West Indies
12 May 2017 Tri-Series in Ireland (New Zealand, Bangladesh, Ireland) Ireland
24 May 2017 South Africa Tour of England (3 ODI, 3T20, 4 ODI) England
1June-18 June 2017 ICC Champions Trophy England
17 August 2017 West Indies Tour of England (3 Test, 1 T20, 5 ODI) England

Icc Upcoming Cricket Matches Schedules 2016, 2017: International Cricket Cricket Calendar For All Teams

This is actually the Set of Upcoming (Future Travels Programme (FTP)) all international cricket Suits schedule and fittings of 2016 and 2017. Really the only established international cricket fits use in the listing. Locations and schedules are at the mercy of change. More info Approaching for International Cricket Suits Upcoming will be modified. See also: Australia, England, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Pakistan