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Chief of Army Staff visits Corps and Rangers Headquarters

Today, Pakistan Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa, visited Corps Headquarters and Rangers HQ Karachi.
He was presented with complete briefing about functional improvement of the creation and security situation in Sindh specially the metropolitan city of Karachi.

The target of the briefing was the achievement of procedure to sustain peacefulness in your community.

COAS commended Military, Rangers, POLICE Companies and Brains Organizations for particular betterment in the statutory laws and order situation.

He said that Karachi is economical hub of the national country and plays pivotal role, and security in the metropolitan has immediate influence on overall business weather and economical activities of the complete country.

COAS highlighten that out initiatives will be produced to strengthen profits made up to now during procedure and indiscriminately underlying out the others of terrorists with the sleeper cells.

Basic Qamar Javed Bajwa especially loved the support and sacrifices of folks of Karachi in this quest towards gaining serenity in the town.

He said he’ll not let Pakistan Military achievement going in vain over time to towards calmness and the procedure will continue till attainment of lasting peace.

He aimed a concentrated and synergised work of all military services and civil brains agencies to discover the best effects to cope with potential risks to the serenity of Karachi.

COAS said that Pakistan Military provides all necessary assist with provincial federal government for capacity building and training of Local Enforcement Firms (LEA) for permanent efficiency against organised criminal offense and terrorism to keep the peacefulness for the town.