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Chandra Nandni TV Review

Chandra Nandni TV Review: Ekta Kapoor’s ambitious venture is history loaded with masala

After Colors’ Chakravartin Ashok Samrat, Star Plus has concocted another appear on the Mauryan Empire. Ekta Kapoor’s Chandra-Nandni discusses the romantic tale between Chandragupta Maurya and Nandini. Dissimilar to Rajput fables that had numerous stories of valor of their lords, very little is known of the Mauryan Empire by the nobility. Whatever we think about that period is from the narratives of the Greek explorers or Buddhist ministers who voyaged all over Southeast Asia. This makes us somewhat pessimistic when somebody says they are making something on the Mauryan period. This inclination is further fortified by the absence of realness that we saw in Ashoka. The last demonstrate that earned basic approval and additionally fire for its patriot flavor was Dr Chandraprakash Dwivedi’s Chanakya that kept running on Doordarshan in 1991-92.

The main scene starts with a presentation of who precisely was Chandragupta Maurya and how it was his significant other, Nandini who really made him an extraordinary ruler. It begins off with a scene where ruler Suryagupta is investing energy with his better half, Moora. She has a place with a lower faction and numerous allude to her as a maidservant. She is expecting her kid and trusts he will be an incredible ruler. The two get welcomed by King Shishunath of Magadha for a capacity. He is married to ruler Avantika. The regal couple take off to Magadha where a distorted hair stylist named Nandh tries to attack ruler Moora.

Shaken, the ruler trusts this in Avantika. She gets the hair stylist whipped and arranges lifetime detainment for him. Later, Suryagupta finds Avantika and Nandh in a trading off position. He is stunned to realize that the majority of Avantika’s nine kids are fathered by him. Nandh spots him and needs to complete him off so that the mystery does not get out.

What’s hot!

As a Balaji Telefilms generation, it looks entirely sumptuous. Endeavors have been taken to make everything look as superb as could be expected under the circumstances. Arpit Ranka sparkles as the uncertain Nandh. He makes us scorn him to the center. Whatever remains of the cast is sufficient yet don’t emerge. We are yet to see Rajat Tokas and Shweta Basu Prasad. The show has the vibe of the Girish Karnad film Utsav (1984) in the way in which the private scenes are shot. There are many of them. There is one scene where Moora cites the Mahabharata. Since the treatise was finished in the same time frame, additional focuses to the creators for the credibility.

What’s definitely not…

The clearing castle scenes in Siya Ke Ram had a Baahubali feel and it is the same in Chandra Nandni. It is somewhat mind boggling that a man would be so horny to roost unstably on the shoulders of another to watch a showering lady in fourth century BC. We have the Greek armed force that looks fairly Turkish. In addition, there is a scene that looks like karva chauth of an alternate sort. We likewise heard serenades that is a sensation that this has happened before in cutting edge cleansers.


Given the way that the Maurya period is not all around chronicled, one can overlook the producers for true to life freedoms. In the event that they can ignore the masala of a portion of the scenes, Chandra Nandni may very well charm history lovers.