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Bigg Boss 10: Shah Rukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, Nargis Fakhri – celebs we wish to see on Salman Khan’s show!

Bigg Boss 10: Here is our wish-list about some of the celebs we would love to see inside the house

It is only a couple days to Bigg Boss 10. We realize that Deepika Padukone will be one of the principal visitors on Salman Khan’s appear. This year we will see a blend of basic men and celebs inside the house. The show will air from October 16. While various names like Karan Mehra and Nikita Dutta are doing the rounds to go into inside the house, we have known about just few affirmed hopefuls. The Bigg Boss house is a much grand one than prior years. It resemble a royal residence Rajwada style mixed with Moroccan engineering. We have made a list of things to get of a few big names we would love to see inside the house for a day…

Shah Rukh Khan

We know we are requesting an excessive amount of yet we feel King Khan impeccably coordinates the soul of this season. He is the primary rank pariah in the previous couple of decades who ascended from humble beginnings to wow fans. Lord Khan is the most taken after performing artist all around. Furthermore, Shah Rukh’s mind, mind and appeal can diffuse even the most noticeably awful of circumstances inside the house. The fabulous fix up of Salman Khan and Shah Rukh amid Arpita Khan Sharma’s wedding and their excursion at the Bigg Boss house a year ago for Dilwale makes us ache for SRK-Salman. He won’t not spend an entire day, a couple of hours will be sufficient

Nargis Fakhri

We have completely fallen for the leggy excellence in recent months. She is a finished unique. Simply envision how Nargis would raise temperatures inside the house. Her Hindi won’t not be immaculate but rather her jokes make us laugh hysterically and how. She resembles a diva however is very ordinary in all different ways. Nargis does not consider her fame important and that makes her more delightful

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

We are not saying this since he is near Salman Khan. On the off chance that Shah Rukh Khan raged Bollywood two decades back, it is Nawaz who is the new basic man’s star. We are certain he will be a colossal motivation for everybody. Besides, he has an exceptionally wry comical inclination for each sort of circumstance. Furthermore, we would love to see him do some fun assignments, particularly with the young ladies.

Ranveer Singh

B-Town’s energiser bunny can liven up any circumstance. The Bigg Boss house needs a performer and who superior to the Bajirao Mastani on-screen character. He can hit the dance floor with the ladies, break jokes with the folks and even patao Bigg Boss. Believe us, there won’t be a solitary dull minute inside if Ranveer chooses to invest some energy there.

Kapil Sharma

The parody lord of India has wound up in contentions as of late. In any case, he is a self observer and scarcely speaks finally about the issues encompassing him uncovering the incidental tweet. He can make us giggle our heart out and can place individuals in their place with his sharp mind.

Do you agree with us on our wish-list? Let us know with your comments…