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Beyhadh TV Review

Beyhadh TV Review: Stylish, intriguing and boasting of striking performances, the first episode of Beyhadh promises something good and exciting…

The wait around is finally over. Beyhadh starring Jennifer Winget, Kushal Tandon and Aneri Vajani is on air and it’s really time to go over if the first episode was worth the anticipation or not. There were lots of speculations surrounding the show from whether it’s a rip from Gupt, Pyaar Melody Kya Kiya and the Hollywood flick even, Gone Young lady. Inspirations aside, there is absolutely no uncertainty that Beyhadh is a daring attempt and an enormous risk for the route. A tale of love where the key protagonist is a sociopath is unusual on TV recently. This is a quick overview of the show…

Arjun (Kushal Tandon) can be an aspiring professional photographer with big dreams. His bestie, Saanjh performed by Aneri Vajani is a statutory regulation intern. She loves him but will not confess saying these are best friends. Type in Maya (Jennifer Winget), an ongoing business tycoon with a dark former. Egoistical, depressed and isolated, she lives with a disturbed mother psychologically. Arjun eventually ends up obtaining a job in Maya’s firm and you want to monitor what happens next..

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What’s hot
The show provides you the vibe of your Abbas Mustan thriller. Yes, it is taken very and full credit to director Rahib Siddique for the same stylishly. He is the person who made Nisha Aur Uske Cousins. A whole great deal of care and attention has been used for the collections, editing and lighting. The camerawork is good also. Beyhadh ratings on the technological fronts highly. The screenplay is good also. It commences at a relaxed pace where we have been introduced to the bubbly Saanjh’s loving family. We become familiar with that Arjun has some presssing problems with his mother. However, it is Maya who intrigues us the most. An enterprise tycoon living only with a stressed mom with dark secrets. Jennifer Winget has few emotes and lines through her eye. Kushal Tandon is charming while Aneri lights up the screen. The chemistry between Arjun and Saanjh is incredibly lovable and real.

What’s not
There is very little to dislike about Beyhadh given the type or kind of freshness it exudes. However, we can easily see an extremely filmi influence, especially in Kushal’s character. It might be fine if he was shown as film buff however the la Shah Rukh Khan monologue on big dreams reminded us of so many SRK motion pictures. The professional multiply his biceps and triceps like Ruler Khan also. Though slightly, Jennifer’s character reminded us a lttle bit like Sridevi’s Laadla. We are able to understand that she actually is a break up personality but that walk though impressive was a tad OTT.

If you’re somebody who complains that Indian Television food out similar products with shoddy creation values, Beyhadh will change your judgment surely. The actors are in fine form. The complete storyline is participating and the precap interesting, if you love thrillers, watch this one just.