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Ajay Devgn supports Tannishtha Chatterjee’s stand against racist comments on Comedy Nights Bachao Tazaa – watch video

Ajay Devgn’s FAB response to Tannishtha Chatterjee’s and Colors controversy will shut up all racist..

Only a while ago we reported you how Tannishtha Chatterjee bashed Funny Times Bachao Taaza for mocking her dark complexion. The Parched celebrity composed an available notice on Facebook which illustrates the way of thinking of Indians actually. Come on! Most of us enjoy Comedy Times Bachao Taaza and also have a good giggle over it. But not think it’s about time to react on the racists comments. After all they fat pity people, brutally insult stars who aren’t that successful and they’re making fun of skin area coloring as well now.

Even Ajay Devgn seems that there must be a limit to everything. The Shivaay acting professional was asked about insulting Tannishtha over her complexion. He said, “There should be a limit to humour coz sense of humour should go overboard. Most of us have a feeling of humour, most of us also acknowledge joke on us. The person who’s cracking a tale must draw a line as well as for that the mindset must changed”.

He further added how Indians have a mentality problem which is most evident. “We as Indians are having issues, I’m sorry i am an Indian even, a way of thinking is got by us towards reasonable pores and skin, fairness cream is more publicized in India only. Being good does no cause you to beautiful as a person. This tons have been found by me of that time period, whenever we are in India we discuss so disrespectfully to your waiters and same whenever we go overseas, we speak so politely to the overseas waiters. That is a issue of our mindset”.

Ajay was quizzed that such humor shows are loved and observed more, he previously a bang on answer. ” Aap log jo dekhte hai, wahi hum banaate hai, banane waale mai mai bhi aata hu, jis din aap log dekhna bandh kar doge, who log banana bandh kar denge”. Well done Ajay!

Colors route realised their miscalculation and apologised to Tannishtha however. But comedian Krushna Abhishek feels that Chatterjee does everything for publicity as these were giving more focus on Radhika Apte. He even stated that celebrities Shah Rukh Khan and Varun Dhawan like the show.

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