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5 times Kareena Kapoor Khan borrowed Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy style!

Kareena Kapoor Khan seems to be setting pretty hot style statements for preggers but hey, isn’t Kim Kardashian her inspiration?

We didn’t know motherhood could look so damn stunning, until we found Kareena Kapoor Khan come out to slay , one take a look at the right time. Yes! The stunning mommy-to-be is breaking stereotypes with her pregnancy style literally. When you are said by them cannot wear heels if you are preggers, Bebo is making certain she steps out in her heels with sheer comfort and confidence. Some even say you will need to wear loosely fit maternity wear coz oops! why show the infant bump? But Bebo is breaking that norm too by exhibiting just how you can rock and roll your child bump wearing a good body-hugging dress! Oh! We live falling brief of words last but not least Kareena’s awesomeness. Not forgetting, this also the very first time a Bollywood celebrity is setting up such vivid style claims despite carrying a child. But hey, doesn’t Bebo’s maternity style help remind you of Hollywood’s Kim Kardashian? I want to demonstrate how…Also read: Only Kareena Kapoor Khan can accomplish an attractive high slit dress during being pregnant; view HQ pictures!

Slits don’t lie

Take for occasion this latest picture of Kareena heading all elegant and alluring for the reason that thigh-high slit outfit. Without doubt, she’s making our jaws drop but it goes a great deal in sync using what Kim wore at the Givenchy Spring 2016 Show. Yea! The floral the one that had an identical slit increasing her thigh. Not think so?

Stripy affair

Where Kim chosen a dark-colored and white striped dress, Kareena went for a white and red maxi dress. And boy, are we finding it difficult to choose who looks better? After all, look how perfectly Bebo has chosen Kim’s maternity style booklet as her guide to remain sexy…

Black colored game on

Here we compare Kareena’s restricted fitted dark-colored dress at the Global Resident show compared to that of Kim’s way of slaying it dark, again and again. Take for occasion the aforementioned picture. In the event that you check out Bebo’s look, it’s a lot like a imitation of what Kim is putting on – from the overcoat to the installing of the body-hugging dress…

Put ‘off’ that ‘shoulder’

Then we’ve the off make style that again is a leaf out of Kim’s maternity style publication. Kareena for the reason that beautiful peach maxi wedding dress, or Kim for the reason that nude shade dress? I’m sure you will have trouble to choose who’s hotter!

All plain things white

And lastly, we demonstrate how a good pregnant girl can rock and roll white. I mean, usually females prefer wearing dark, printed outfits to cover up their baby bump. But exactly like how Kim stepped out for the reason that white t-shirt, Kareena was seen deciding on a white kurti with similar accessories. And we would as well add, such stunners! Also read: Kareena Kapoor Khan appears straight out of your FAIRYTALE in her latest outing; view HQ pictures!

Imagine that’s enough to demonstrate how soon-to-be mommy Kareena is tightly pursuing Kim Kardashian’s being pregnant style. On that be aware, which other Kardashian look would you like Bebo to try? Drop your ideas in the commentary below and we’ll be again with more improvements the following, only on BollywoodLife.