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5 reasons why we love Prabhas from Baahubali

Happy Birthday Prabhas!

On 10 2015 July, a phenomenon occurred by means of a historical movie – Baahubali. It transformed the facial skin of movie theater along with turning around all the included actor’s lives. Prabhas who was simply a known face only in Telugu theatre became a worldwide superstar. His portrayal as Baahubali received rave reviews, so much so he became associated to Rajamouli’s Magnum Opus. In his words, ‘it’s a job of a life span’ and 3 years of effort have significantly more than paid in form of record breaking series. Today is this very star’s birthday. While everyone will keep in mind him for his role in Baahubali always, there is far more to Prabhas that we love. So here we go:

Committed: After having a commercial strike like Mirchi, Prabhas needed the road less trodden, and decided SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali. It had been no standard film, as it required 3 years from Prabhas. That’s exactly 1095 days and nights! So he was from the screen throughout that period limited to an individual movie. This sort of dedication is exactly what distinguishes him from other stars. Clearly, his dedication and commitment to the historical drama has paid and how.

Humility – Even after he became a worldwide superstar, his humility has remain untouched. All of this fame hasn’t improved Prabhas the individual. His right down to earth persona is exactly what increases his attraction. He continues to keep up a low-profile and the actual fact that he’s off of the radar makes him an appealing personality.

Social websites – In a global where actors are so common via communal marketing, Prabhas selects to stay away. The actual fact that he doesn’t follow the herd pieces him aside and we love that. The interpersonal advertising frenzy hasn’t surely got to him yet and we expect it remains this way. Because we love that about him!

Performing skills – He was the legend of Baahubali! Despite the fact that it’s been greater than a year because the first part, you can now gush about him even! Nobody else might have played Baahubali and nobody else must have either. Because that role was held by him, completely. From the surprising physical transformations to his mannerisms, Prabhas bought Baahubali alive!

Hot – Well, when he experienced a major physical change for the historical crisis, his hotness quotient doubled! Trim lanky actor eliminated, get into smoking hot Prabhas with 6-pack abs and broad shoulder blades. He appeared as if he was prepared to wipe out and he performed actually. Prabhas the star became Prabhas the hottie.